Looking for a Vacation Rental? VRBO Is Your Go-To Place

Nowadays, many people prefer renting houses than booking a hotel room when traveling. It’s more convenient for bigger parties or couples who travel with children. However, such websites give the possibility to rent other kinds of properties like castles, treehouses, etc. One of the in-demand sites in Northern America is RVBO. Let’s find out what it is, how it differs from similar websites, and what other relevant facts about the company are.

An introduction to VRBO

VRBO is an abbreviation. It stands for Vacation Rental by Owner. The project was launched in 1995. Currently, it has over two million properties in 190 countries. They include houses, apartments, castles, and other kinds of properties. The service allows people to rent only entire houses/places. VBRO belongs to the Expedia Group. The latter also owns HomeAway

Is it an affordable service?

People often compare sites with vacation houses by prices. However, they could contain the same listings. Owners wish to increase the chances of someone booking the place. That’s why the prices could differ only a bit (depending on the fees of the site).

On the other hand, sites look Airbnb might seem cheaper. That’s because it specializes in partial rent when people rent a room only. Comparing full houses, VRBO turns out to be cheaper after all. The site’s service fees are 6-12% of the total reservation cost.

One can find here all kinds of properties that range in price drastically. Choose based on the wanted location and budget. Last-minute reservations can also help people negotiate the price and save some money.

VRBO accepts a selection of payment methods, including PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and check.

The discrepancies between VRBO and Airbnb

These sites have a lot in common. For instance, on both sites, people can post listings like houses, apartments, castles, etc. However, while on Airbnb people can rent them partially (like a room only), VRBO allows renting only entire houses. Consequently, the latter is more expensive.

Besides, Airbnb now offers other services. For instance, people can book experiences like tours, photoshoots, cooking classes, etc. It’s a great opportunity to try something new when traveling and get exciting tours from locals.

The discrepancies between VRBO and HomeAway

While both of them belong to Expedia, they are dealing with different regions. RVBO contains more listings in North America. For instance, you must check out VRBO Key West, if you are looking for a rental in this part of Florida. However, in case you wish to rent a house or a castle in Europe, Australis, India, and other parts of the world, HomeAway is a better choice.

Is VRBO safe?

The site is safe to use. All orders are protected, too. Explore the list of tips on how to book confidently. Reach out to customer support is you need assistance or can’t find an answer to any question. Pay attention to the insurance policies that may help if things go sideways.


VRBO is worth checking out if you are looking for an entire place to yourself. It could be a perfect place to find cool locations for some celebrations or a vacation home next to the ocean. Pick your destination and learn more about the selection of options today.

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