How did Key Largo Song Appear and who is its Author?

Bertie Higgins is the author of the Key Largo song. He was born on December 8, 1944, in Tarpon Springs (Florida, USA). Below you can find detailed information about the success of this songwriter.

Bertie Higgins Childhood

Joseph Bertie Higgins was born and raised in the picturesque Greek community of Tarpon Springs. Since childhood, the romantic intellectual Joseph was very artistic. However, at the same time, he was a very independent child. He worked as a pearl diver to get some pocket money, which is not such an unusual occupation for Florida. But truly saying, we were surprised by the age of the young diver.

For the first time on stage, 12-year-old Joseph appeared in the form of a ventriloquist. He won the top prize at a local talent show and became a favorite at school parties and clubs. But two years later he became interested in music and created his own school band, playing fashionable rock and roll.

The hero of his songs is always trying to understand the meaning of life, delve into secret thoughts, and unravel the mysterious essence of his beloved woman. The lyrics written by Higgins can be characterized as songs with deep meaning. The band became popular, playing at school proms and various parties.

Solo Career of the Artist

Fatigue that appeared because of the long tour and the desire to make his own musical project led to the fact that Bertie left the group and returned home to Florida. He put drumsticks on the shelf, took a guitar, and began creating music and lyrics. It was a time of great satisfaction and personal freedom.

Famous producers such as Bob Crew, Phil Gernhardt, and Felton Jarvis started showing interest in his songs. This contributed to the popularity of the author himself and the quality of his compositions. Bertie became famous in America. At the same time, he met Burt Reynolds (a popular actor and director), who saw the potential of a screenwriter in Higgins and became his mentor.

The Life in Atlanta

At this time, Bertie was composing an interesting song, which had to tell about a personal unsuccessful romance. And he decided to show the draft of this composition to Bill and Sonny. After they read it, they saw a potential in it. And they helped him to improve the lyrics. As a result, they got a romantic ballad called Key Largo. Believe it or not, this song was rejected several times by Kat Family Records, and only the persistence of Bertie, Bill, and Sonny helped to release the single in 1981. After some time, it became incredibly popular and everyone in America was listening to it. After this, the success came to this singer.

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