Avast Antivirus: General Information About the Program

Avast Internet Security is a comprehensive antivirus with a full range of functions to protect your home network and completely secure online shopping and online banking. At your service firewall, antispam and protection against DNS hacking.

For several years now, this antivirus has steadily occupied a leading position in the ranking of the most effective antivirus systems. Avast antivirus is distinguished by extremely moderate consumption of system resources (compare with the gluttonous Kaspersky) and has almost no negative impact on the speed of Windows loading, not to mention the operation of the computer as a whole. And if earlier there were fair complaints about not the most user-friendly interface, now Avast has changed dramatically – you can’t recognize it. The interface has become intuitive and user-friendly; all parameters are available in one click. The latest version of Avast brings many interesting innovations, but here the focus is on two key technologies, such as Auto Sandbox and WebRep:

  • Auto Sandbox technology allows suspicious programs to run in a special sandbox where malware will not harm the operating system. When Avast antivirus detects a suspicious program, the user is asked whether to run the program in the Auto Sandbox environment. By the way, this function can be disabled, but it is not recommended to do this if you are interested in reliable computer protection.
  • WebRep technology is even more interesting. It allows you to evaluate the ranking of each site that you visit on the Internet. WebRep data is used by millions of users and allows you to find out how much you can trust the security of a particular site. Moreover, safety data will be presented when working with various search engines. With WebRep you will be able to see the ratings that have been assigned to the site by the Avast community.

Even in the free version, Avast offers all the technologies you need to protect your computer reliably. Not surprisingly, Avast is one of the most popular antivirus programs in the world.

For the anti-virus to work effectively, all functions must be enabled, and the program must have access to the Internet to update the virus definition databases.

Avast green check marks opposite each of the items indicate that the protection of your computer is functioning correctly.

The level of protection

The immense popularity of Avast Free Antivirus means that it is included by default in almost every test lab report, which is very useful when you are trying to gauge how accurate it is.

AV-Test in February 2018. A user home report shows that Avast performs very well, blocking 100% of selective threats and increasing false alarms than average.

Avast is not very well versed with AV-Comparatives, wherein the latest Real-World Protection summary report for July-November 2017, the company shipped a tenth out of 21 with a 99.5% detection rate. This product is only behind products from Norton, Kaspersky, ESET and Avira and ahead of Trend Micro.

Each laboratory has its testing procedure and there is always variation in results, but the big picture is clear.

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